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How to Apply | Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation

How to Apply

To apply for a Scholarship Award please download our application form and return it to us:

CLF Application Form : revised-application-form-for-clf

Please take time to read through our Guidance Notes and Terms & Conditions.

CLF Guidance Notes and Terms & Conditions : revised guidance notes for CLF (2)


Guidance Notes

Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation Scholarship:

Full Scholarship Award – £1500 – £3000 funding, mentoring and tailor made workshops/classes to successful applicant’s area of performance.

Part Scholarship Award – £500 – £1500 funding, mentoring and tailor made workshops/classes to successful applicant’s area of performance.

Our Commitment

We are passionate about seeing young performing artists reach their full potential, not just in their area of performance but also in their character. To help young people aged 8-16 years old achieve this we will award successful applicants either full or part scholarships, on an annual basis, to help towards tuition fees and associated expenses. We are committed to seeing our young performers get the maximum benefit from their scholarship.  For the successful applicants we will also aim to provide training one-on-one/workshops from seasoned professionals. This is to help develop those abilities needed to be successful in the professional area of their performing art.

Neil and Karen Leatherbarrow have worked for over twenty years mentoring young people. Their belief is that as well as talent and hours of practice/rehearsal, strength of character is essential to success in the performing arts. It is with this belief that they want to help young performers achieve their goals and aspirations.

Applicants Commitment

By applying for this scholarship you are committing to the three areas of assistance the Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation wish to provide, Funding, Mentoring, and Training. This money is given with the express purpose of helping those who do not have the financial means to pay for their tuition so we require your commitment to being held accountable. Not only do we want you to receive funding, but we expect your commitment to the training and mentoring we offer.

Contact details

Please provide the full name of applicant and parent/guardian. Parent/Guardian is the person who has legal guardianship of the applicant.

Performance Details

Area of performance means either dance/singing/acting/musical instrument (please state which). If there is a specific area of dance or genre of music this may also be specified.

Please state all relevant experience within the performing arts. This can include shows/gigs/auditions/training/exams etc. If further space is needed please add further documentation stating you have done so in the application form.

Please provide COPIES of exam grades achieved, and a copy of their latest school report.

It is not necessary to provide a CD or DVD documenting your performance but it would be helpful to us when considering your application. Please note that we are unable to return any DVD or CD’s sent in with the application form.


This scholarship is intended for those who do not have the financial means to meet the cost of their tuition fees. For the purpose of this applicant we have judged that only those with a gross household income (including applicant’s income, benefits, tax credits and maintenance payments) of less than £40,000 pa will qualify for this scholarship.

We require most recent COPIES of P60’s, self employment tax returns, working tax and child tax credit documents, housing benefit documentation, job seekers allowance documentation and any other official documentation regarding annual income. We need to see the difference between your gross and disposable income.

Annual fees mean those fees the applicant pays per year for their training within the performing arts. We need to see evidence of what other Grants or relevant support you might be receiving from other Trusts, Charitable Foundations etc.

Personal Statement

This should be filled in by the applicant or where more appropriate by the applicant’s parent/guardian/advocate stated in the contact details of the application form. In this part of the application we want to hear more about the applicant. What are their strengths/weakness’? What are their interests outside of performing? What brought them into the performing arts? Essentially we want to know more about the person behind the performance! Please add another page if necessary.


We require both a professional and a personal reference. By professional we mean a tutor/teacher who is teaching or has taught you within the performing arts. By personal reference we mean a person who knows you outside of the performing arts. This may be a teacher/family friend/religious minister etc. It must be returned directly to the Foundation by the referee.

It is important that both references have known the applicant for more than two years. The parent or legal guardian of the applicant may not provide the personal or professional reference.

In this part of the application we hope to learn more about the applicant’s character, interaction with others and any other useful information regarding them which the referee feels the Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation should know about the applicant.

Please note that we may require contact with the referee for further information so it is therefore important that a phone number or email address is provided.

Application Process

Generally we accept applications over the summer period. Applicants will be contacted approximately two weeks after the application and reference forms have been received, whether they have reached the auditions or not. Auditions are generally held in South East London at the beginning of the Autumn Term. Periodically we hold auditions in County Durham, North-East England.

Generally applicants will be informed if they have been successful after their application has been taken before the trustee’s board meeting at their nearest convenience. This is normally one to two weeks after the auditions.

Terms & Conditions

The Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation Scholarship is subject to the following terms and conditions so please read them carefully and ask us for advice if you need to.

The applicant is bound to these terms & conditions as is their parent/guardian as stated on the application form.

The Scholarship

Should you be awarded either the full or part scholarship it must be used only for training within your performing art. The award is made to your training provider and for training materials nothing else.

A full scholarship is to help towards the full-time mentoring and training with a scholar’s performing art over an academic year. This will either involve an initial meeting with the performing arts school or where appropriate we will establish what kind of training, materials, and equipment they will need, who will train them, where it will take place, and set up a training schedule for them with their tutors. We will keep in touch with the scholars to see how they are progressing. At the end of the year we will assess the scholars to see where they are at in their technical abilities, level of performance, and where appropriate offer them an opportunity to apply for another scholarship the following year.

A part scholarship is to help towards the part-time mentoring and training with a scholar’s performing art over an academic year. This will involve the same requirements as above with a full scholarship.

Insurance and Health and Safety

We accept no responsibility for any injury, loss or damage arising in any training or activity organised by yourself.

All Trustees and/or staff of the Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation have clear CRB checks.

Data Protection

Any personal information you provide will be collected and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998 and used only for the purpose of granting the scholarship and the mentoring there after.

We will not pass on your information to any other persons or organisation that is not involved in the application process for the Charlotte Leatherbarrow Foundation Scholarship unless required by law.


These Terms & Conditions, and the documents referred to herein, constitute the entire agreement and understanding between us and you.

The Award and these Terms & Conditions will be governed by English law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.